Chrysostom Academy Conservatory

The Conservatory at Chrysostom Academy aims to foster excellence in storytelling through music and theatre arts, instilling values like discipline, stewardship, and leadership while providing a safe and nurturing environment for students in the Lehigh Valley.

Coming Soon: A Christmas Carol

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Welcome to the Chrysostom Academy Conservatory!

The core mission of Chrysostom Academy Conservatory is to foster a profound appreciation for the art of storytelling among our students, recognizing that music and theatre arts have played a pivotal role throughout history in preserving and transmitting cultural narratives. Our overarching goal is to imbue our students and wider community with a deep understanding of the significance and inherent beauty of this longstanding tradition.

Through our dedicated training programs in performance and musicianship, we firmly believe that essential virtues, such as unwavering discipline, conscientious stewardship, and effective leadership, naturally emerge and become integral facets of our students’ characters. With unwavering dedication, we aspire to deliver a superior standard of arts education to the aspiring talents of the Lehigh Valley, all within an environment that prioritizes safety, nurturing, and personal growth.

Music Conservatory Events

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Chrysostom Academy students, get ready to shine in our upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol” by The Chrysostom Academy Conservatory! This is your chance to step into the spotlight and be part of a holiday classic that will warm hearts and inspire joy.