Chrysostom Academy

Spiritual Life

Why is Spiritual Life at the Academy So Important?

“Parents with kids in private Christian schools tend to rank their experience very highly.” – Barna Group

What we look for in a school can be many things, but how we feel about the experience is highly correlated to how closely it matches our family lifestyle. Chrysostom Academy is dedicated to providing parents peace of mind, knowing that their student is surrounded by an Orthodox Christian atmosphere, as well as an excellent education.

Barna Group research shows that a parental focus shifts from Personal Achievement to Character and Spiritual Goals once enrolled in a Christian School.

What is the Eastern Orthodox Church?

The Eastern Orthodox Church is the unbroken continuation of the Βασιλική οδός (Kingly Road), given to the Apostles by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the main purpose of The Church which was formed at Pentecost. Until 1054 AD, when the Eastern Orthodox and the Western Roman Catholic Churches split, there was only one kind of Christian.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Church Fathers and faithful of these first 11 centuries solidified Christian doctrine, compiled in a series of gatherings that addressed various heresies and questions which arose about Christ, the Holy Trinity, and more practical dogmatic beliefs.

These gatherings are called the seven Ecumenical Councils (325 AD – 787 AD). Since the Great Schism in 1054 AD, the various Eastern Orthodox Jurisdictions around the world have kept this faith unbroken, seeking to discover how each changing generation benefited from the timeless teachings of our Lord and Savior.

How Will The Orthodox Christian Ethos Be Felt By Our Students?

Led by Jesus’ words, commonly known as the ‘Great Commandment’ (Matthew 22:35-40), Chrysostom Academy students focus on two main areas, love of God and love of neighbor. Through the practice of these virtues, daily prayer, and attention to the feast day, fasting, and liturgical cycle of the Church, our students will more fully experience the intangible purpose of the Christian life.

Orthodox Christian studies are woven seamlessly into history, literature, and classroom discussions, and are not simply content to be memorized, but a pathway to experience and a window through which to observe the world.