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Classical and Orthodox

St. John Chrysostom Academy, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, unites classical education and Orthodox Christian formation. Students benefit from the reliable disciplines of formal education and the nurturing environment of faith. Young minds are directed toward the Good, the Beautiful, and the True and young hearts toward the Gospel and Holy Tradition to educate and form our students as complete persons.

As a school launching for the 2022-2023 academic year, we have the exciting opportunity of bringing educators together who seek to be a part of something special and work to build the school from the ground up.

Our teachers will guide students in order to fulfill their potential for spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. Teachers will work with parents and students to develop competencies and skills to function successfully in society. Teachers will provide a vigorous education to all students and fulfill the first principle of classical education, namely, to meet students where they are and build upon their current knowledge.

Crop of mosaic of John of Chrysostom offering Constantinople to Christ from Hagia Sophia

Chrysostom Academy Grammar School

Often called ‘elementary’ or ‘lower’, the grammar school grade levels at Chrysostom Academy will encompass kindergarten through 5th grades. Each of these levels will be based in contained classrooms. Teachers, except for traditional specialists, will be given their own class and classroom to teach daily.

    Chrysostom Academy Upper School

    Within classical education, grades 6th through 12th are referred to as the ‘upper school’. As other junior and senior highschools operate, students rotate between classes of studies between teachers who hold a mastery of specific subject matter.

      Current Timeline


      All listed positions are currently open for application.


      Upon receipt of your online application and uploading of needed documents, a confirmation email will be sent. Invitations for interviews will be sent on an individual basis.


      All hiring will proceed on a rolling basis for the 2022-2023 school year as applicants apply.

      For our full Faculty Job Description and Outline of Duties, click the button below.

      Elementary/Grammar School (Grades K to 5th)

      All Grammar School teachers are Classroom teachers.

      • Kindergarten
      • 1st Grade
      • 2nd Grade
      • 3rd Grade
      • 4th Grade
      • 5th Grade
      • Grammar Specials (Art, Music, PE)
      • Grammar Classroom Aides

      Middle/Upper School Teachers (Grades 6 to 12)

      Middle and Upper School teachers are Content Specific

      • History
      • Science
      • Math
      • Literature
      • Classical Languages
      • Orthodox Christian Studies
      • Upper School Specials (Art, Music, PE)
      • Upper School Classroom Aides

      For questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our headmaster at